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Refresh Pedicure (25 minutes)$25

Peppermint soak • remove polish • clip • shape • buff • cuticle care • callus treatment • massage • lotion • polish

Preferred Pedicure (40 minutes)$35

Remove polish • clip • shape • buff • cuticle care callus treatment • citrus sugar scrub • hot towel • hydrating mask • hot stone massage • polish

VOESH Spa Pedicure (45 minutes) $45

Pamper feet with the ultimate spa experience, the cleanest and most hygienic pedicure solution. VOESH luxury individually packets is enriched with key ingredients to give your feet the nutritional needs.

• Warm neck wrap
• Choices of extraordinary aromas: cucumber fresh, tangerine twist, lemon quench, ocean refresh, lavender relieve, pink grapefruit

Ultimate Aloe Vera (45 minutes) $55

One of the Modern natural minerals with multiple healing properties. This ultimate Aloe Vera package starts with sea salt soak, cuticle care, callus removal, moisture scrub, mud masque, paraffin wax, fresh Aloe Vera hydrate cream, hot towel wrap, and finally moisturizer to replenish & nourish skin. (5 minutes hot stone & 10 minutes legs & feet massage).

Nu Skin Natural Pedicure (50 minutes) $60

This rejuvenating pedicure starts with a warm whirlpool soaking with Mineral Herbal Bath. Then a gentle massage and Walnut Hush Liquid Body Luffa exfoliation. While regular pedicure components are tented, a calf massage with the Invigorating vitality and energizing the legs then 10 min massage + 5 min massage. Dry heels are also treated with an all Spice Berry Sole Solution. Finish with a soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate experience.

Jelly Pedicure (60 minutes) $55

Jelly Pedi is truly a unique spa experience. A gel forms when added to water and becomes a translucent fluff jelly that turns water into a luxurious encasing comfort. This provides the ultimate relief for dry, stressed aching feet. A unique combination of natural powder ingredients which when added to hot water produces a gelatinous mixture. Soak and massage your feet in this marvelous gel and experience its distinguished work. Continue with Ultimate Plus to exfoliate the feet, foot mask to replenish the skin and finally apply the cream to nourish. (15 minutes + 5min hot stone massage)
Scents: Aloe, Lavender, Peppermint

Organic Herbal Spa Pedicure (60 minutes) $65

Essential oil soak • trim • shape • cuticle care • callus elimination • exfoliate sugar scrubs • stimulating mask•massage oil • paraffin treatment • 15 min + 5 min hot stone massage • hot towel wrap • polish
Scents: Lavender, Rose Petal, Peppermint, Chamomile, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary, Green Tea


Refresh Manicure$15

Soak • trim • shape • buff • massage • polish

Organic Lavender Manicure $25

Soak • trim • shape • buff • massage • sugar scrub • mask wrap • hot towel • polish

Voesh Manicure $35

Voesh’s Vitamin Recharge individual spa treatment begins with fresh citrus • sea salt soak • trim • shape • buff • massage • moisture scrub • mask wrap • hot towel • hot stone massage • paraffin • polish • this ultimate manicure treatment will leave your hands soft and silky with 6 choices of extraordinary aromas: cucumber twist, Lavender relieve, tangerine twist, ocean fresh, lemon quench, pink grapefruit

Fresh Aloe Vera Manicure $35

Herbal Manicure$40

Soak in essential oil • trim • shape • cuticle care • exfoliate • stimulating mask • massage oil • paraffin treatment • hydrate cream ( 5 min hot stone + 10 min hand/shoulder massage) • hot towel wrap • polish
Scents: Lavender, Rose Petal, Peppermint, Chamomile, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary, Green Tea


Refreshing Facial (Dry & Normal Skin)$35

Bi-weekly treatment. Provides gently exfoliation and revive dry skins. Includes Polishing Peel

AgeLoc Spa Facial $65

Anti-aging conductive gel with micro current technology. This powerful combination stimulates & tones. Depending on skin mud mask or hydrating masque is applied. Exfoliant scrub to cleanse and remove dead cell buildup. Extracting drawing out impurities then finishing with a high frequency current to close pores resulting in an improved appearance and moisturizer to nourish.

Eyelash Extensions

Extend your beauty with the Modern, long lasting, natural looking lashes from Extreme Lashes. Our esthetician would apply one lash by one lash and the end result is a pair of exquisite natural looking eyes with beautiful, long, and curly lashes.

Full Set Classic$75

Refill Week 1$35

Refill Week 2$45

Refill Week 3$55

4 WeeksFull Set

Full Set Volume$110

Refill Week 1$60

Refill Week 2$70

Refill Week 3$80

4 WeeksFull Set

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